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Institute ID: IR17-I-2-1902184
Institute Name: P.E.S. Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce
Status: Submitted Edited: Yes

Sanctioned (Approved) Intake
Academic Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 5245 5209 5349 --- ---
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 888 869 --- --- ---
Ph.D students enrolled 0 --- --- --- ---
Total Actual Student Strength (Program(s) Offered by Your Institution)
(All programs of all years) No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female)
UG 1744 1759 3503 3353 142 8 2128 1306
PG 316 370 686 654 23 9 302 224
Ph.D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Placement & Higher Studies

UG [3 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed through campus placement Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2011-12) 1310 (2013-14) 501 2 12500 (Twelve Thousand Five Hundred) 232
(2012-13) 1298 (2014-15) 447 22 14000 (Fourteen Thousand) 260
(2013-14) 1402 (2015-16) 514 21 14500 (Fourteen thousand Five Hundred) 243

PG [2 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed through campus placement Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2012-13) 280 (2013-14) 179 48 11944(Eleven Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four) 1
(2013-14) 330 (2014-15) 242 47 14167(Fourteen Thousand One Hundred Sixty Seven) 1
(2014-15) 352 (2015-16) 290 56 15000(Fifteen Thousand ) 4
No. of sustained spin-off companies set up over the previous 5 years (2011-2016)(Companies started by the Students/Alumni/Faculty in the institutions business incubators):  
Top University Admission Data
No. of graduating students from your institution who were admitted into Top University/Institution to pursue higher studies in the year 2015-16:  
No. of PG students admitted into your institutions from Top Institution in the year 2015-16:  

No. of Ph.D students admitted into your institutions from Top Institution in the year 2015-16:  

Total No.of PG & Ph.D students admitted:  
Ph.D Student Details

No. of Ph.D students graduated (including Integrated Ph.D)

2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
0 0 0

Faculty Details
#NameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExperience (In Months)
1ADITYA MULAY28Assistant ProfessorMaleNET63
2AKSHATA DEVI30Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech23
3AMARJET NILKANTH THORAT33Assistant ProfessorMaleNET106
4Ambike Satish Subhash43Assistant ProfessorMaleMCA156
5Amol G Patil28Assistant ProfessorMaleMCA34
6Anupama Sonawane42Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.(Microbiology) 232
7Anuradha Bhamidi38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.185
8ARCHANA ANANT GADRE38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)21
9Arote Nilesh Dadabhau28Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.58
10ASHWINI GULABRAO PAWAR36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.24
11Awasare Shraddha Manojkumar29Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET66
12Bhatkhande Shruti Rajendra57Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil324
13Bilquis Kacha24Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.8
14Chakravarthy Shampa Priyatosh53Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil336
15CHANDANI R VERMA26Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.15
16Chhaya Devendra Abnave36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)132
17Chirantan P Dixit34Assistant ProfessorMaleM.E.88
18Das Nivedita 49Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D168
19DEBANGI CHATTOPADHYAY29Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.(Microbiology) 32
20DESHMANE PRASAD GAJANAN35Assistant ProfessorMaleNET144
21Deshmukh Shamal Ramesh39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.184
22Dhamdhere Sangeeta Namdev41Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.LISc195
23Doke Namdev35Assistant ProfessorMaleSLET96
24Dr Awalgaonkar Sanskriti Avinash48Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D161
25Dr Bhanja Deepanita Subhrajit33Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D65
26Dr Deshpande Megha 44Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D186
27Dr Dharmadhikari Amita Avinash59Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D467
28Dr Gagangras Jyoti Suhas50Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D360
29Dr Geeta Morwal53Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D312
30Dr Inamdar Shakera52Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D337
31Dr Joshi Mukula Shripad39Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D219
32Dr Katade Sushma Ravindra45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D203
33Dr Kharat Sanjay Sopan48Dean / Principal / Director / Vice ChancellorMalePh.D336
34Dr Kshirsagar Ravindra Vasant43Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D228
35Dr Kulkarni Madhuri Sanjeev51Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D272
36Dr Mamta Shende34Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D168
37DR MRUTHYUNJAYA S S38Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D38
38Dr Neelima Jitendra Kulkarni45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D228
39DR POOJA RANA37Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D73
40Dr Prachi Kshirsagar33Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D100
41DR PRITI KAMBLE 32Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D125
42DR PRIYANKA DIPAK BHAMARE31Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D6
43Dr Ritu Mamgain37Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D107
44Dr Sabnis Savita Janardan54Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D384
45Dr Sadhana Natu51Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D348
46Dr Saroj Shankar Hole51Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D348
47Dr Shendkar Deepak Tanaji 45Associate ProfessorMalePh.D286
48Dr Shinde Abaso Hariba35Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D102
49DR SHUBHANGI BHATAMBREKAR53Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D360
50Dr Supriya Nikhil Rishikeshi36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D108
51Gandhale Rajkumar Mukundrao40Assistant ProfessorMaleM. Phil132
52GAURI SATYENDRA BHAGAT40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.(Microbiology) 93
53GAYATRI S SHROTRIYA36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.100
54Gohad Priya Sandeep34Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D156
55GOUND KISHORKUMAR ARUN29Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.71
56Gujarati Nitesh Nandkumar33Assistant ProfessorMaleNET42
57Gupta Rekha Manoj54Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D302
58JABDE MEENAL KAUSTUBH34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.117
59JAYSHREE DEEPAK JAIN31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.95
60JOSHI SONIA SHAILESH34Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET110
61Joshi Varsha Ashutosh51Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)331
63Kandharkar Swati Mangesh48Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.276
64Kavita Parekh42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D182
65KETAKI KEDAR SARAVATE31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.96
66Khare Tushar Suhas27Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.39
67Kopardekar Gauri45Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A255
68KULKARNI SONAL RAMESH37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.116
69Kulkarni Vijayalaxmi Madhukar49Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM262
70Kumod Pundalik Sapkal40Assistant ProfessorMaleNET192
71MANASI PARIMAL TUKDEO32Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D119
72MANISHA R BELE39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM200
73Meher Dipali Prakash35Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil180
74More Motilal Bansilal46Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.252
75Moreshwar Yamanappa Meeshi36Assistant ProfessorMaleSLET77
76Mr Sawaishikre Bhujang Gangadhar34Assistant ProfessorMaleNET36
77Mrs Ankita Pasalkar25Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.3
78Mrs Bhadane Mrunalini Pravin45Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.288
79Mrs Joshi Shubhangi Sukhanand50Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM267
80Mrs Kulkarni Manjusha Pramod45Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET168
81Mrs Mayuri Gosavi26Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.63
82Mrs Ogale Sneha Sanjeev52Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil284
83Mrs Shilly John47Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET163
84Mrs Suru Prerana Ashutosh46Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET269
85Mrs Truptee Himanshu Sohoni37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil96
86MrsBapat Varsha Makarand45Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.299
87MRUNAL M PARDESHI23Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.3
88Ms Crasto Nashome Valentino28Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET64
89Ms Meshram Shubhangi Kapilnath30Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET69
90Niket Pundlikrao Tajne30Assistant ProfessorMaleMCA58
91OMKAR INDARI22Assistant ProfessorMaleNET3
92Padwal Ajit Kisan31Assistant ProfessorMaleNET23
93Pai Priya27Assistant ProfessorFemaleMCA27
94Pallawi Unmesh Bulakh37Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D198
95Patahan Dastagir Ramjan55Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A294
96Pathakji Pradnya Bhushan38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.177
97Pradeep B Kumkar24Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.46
98PRADNYA RAM NANAVARE22Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.3
100PRATIBHA SUDHIR PAWAR31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.95
101PRITI SURESHRAO DESHMUKH37Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET131
102Randive Vaishali Sanjay35Assistant ProfessorFemaleSLET156
103Rathod Nisha 28Assistant ProfessorFemaleMCA48
104Raval Prachi Pratap51Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D292
105Revati Rahul Nagarkar30Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET71
106Salunke Vaishali S37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.196
107Samnap Sandeep Karbhari36Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A142
108Sampada Sanjay Sonawane 28Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET40
109Sanjay Gopichand Patil45Associate ProfessorMalePh.D265
110Sawale Shweta Dnyaneshwar31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil84
111Shah Parag Sumatilal45Assistant ProfessorMaleM.COM243
112SHAH YOGITA RAJESH25Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.47
114SHEVKAR RANJANA SANJAY39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.171
115SHINDE JAYASHREE VITTHAL22Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.1
116SHRADDHA G VELHAL29Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Tech39
117SHRIKANT SUBHASH BHUTE36Assistant ProfessorMaleNET126
118Shweta Raichurkar29Assistant ProfessorFemaleNET40
119SONALI RAVINDRA NANGUDE32Assistant ProfessorFemaleMCA62
120SOUGATA GHOSH31Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D99
121Sujata Pandurang Deshmukh29Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM66
122SUWARNA JALINDER MHASEKAR31Assistant ProfessorFemaleMCA106
123SWATI CHUDAMAN PATIL28Assistant ProfessorFemaleMCA47
124TAMHANE DIPALI SUNIL24Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.33
125THAKAR DNYANESHWAR MANOHAR40Assistant ProfessorMaleNET195
126TRUPTI A KALE32Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.108
127VEDANT SADASHIV MULAY29Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.48
128Vinay Kumar38Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D192
129Waghmare Mahendra Dashrath47Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc(Phy)264
130YASHASHREE RAVINDRA WAIKAR25Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.(Microbiology) 30

Financial Resources: Utilised Amount for the Capital & Operational expenditure for previous 3 years
Financial Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
Utilised Amount Utilised Amount Utilised Amount
Annual Capital Expenditure on Academic Activities and Resources (excluding expenditure on buildings)
Library 358073 (Three Lakhs Fifty Eight Thousand Seventy Three) 258079 (Two Lakhs Fifty Eight Thousand Seventy Nine) 194792 (One Lakh Ninety Four Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Two)
New Equipment for Laboratories 1252837 (Twelve Lakhs Fifty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Seven ) 2107582 (Twenty One Lakhs Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Two) 37629 (Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Nine)
Engineering Workshops 0 (zero) 0 (zero) 0 (zero)
Studios 0 (zero) 0 (zero) 0 (zero)
Other suitably identified academic activities 10100892 (One Crore One Lakh Eight Hundred Ninety Two) 6833919 (Sixty Eight Lakhs Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Nineteen) 4846055 (Forty Eight Lakhs Forty Six Thousand Fifty Five)
Annual Operational Expenditure
Salaries (Teaching and Non Teaching staff) 37305986 (Three Crores Seventy Three Lakhs Five Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Six) 35078020 (Three Crores Fifty Lakhs Seventy Eight Thousand Twenty) 28605903 (Two Crores Eighty Six Lakhs Five Thousand Nine Hundred Three )
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure or consumables, other running expenditures,Seminars/Conferences/Workshops etc. (excluding maintenance of hostels and allied services) 33085022 (Three Crores Thirty Lakhs Eighty Five Thousand Twenty Two) 30349630 (Three Crores Three Lakhs Forty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirty) 27353795 (Two Crores Seventy Three Lakhs Fifty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Five )
Total actual students strength in the corresponding academic year. 4189 0 0
Women Diversity
No. of women members in senior administrative positions, such as Head of Departments, Dean or Institute Heads in previous academic year (2015-16):  

Calendar Year 2015 2014 2013
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 0 0
Did your institution transferred atleast one technology in the previous three years?: No

Financial Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
0 0 0
zero zero zero
Sponsored Research Details
Financial Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
4 3 20
2 2 4
2397200 1658600 5636628
Twenty Three Lakhs Ninety Seven Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen Lakhs Fifty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six Lakhs Thirty Six Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Eight
Consultancy Project Details
Financial Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
8 3 2
8 3 2
902021 135000 85000
Nine Lakhs Two Thousand Twenty One One Lakhs Thirty Five Thousand Eighty Five Thousand
Executive Development Program
Financial Year 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
6 5 5
134 98 118
244611 176300 2031593
Two Lakhs Forty Four Thousand Six Hundred Eleven One Lakh Seventy Six Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Lakhs Thirty One Lakhs Five Hundred Ninety Three

Facilities for PCS: Facilities of physically challenged students
1. Do your institution buildings have Lifts/Ramps? Yes, in all the buildings
2. Does your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
2. Do your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? Yes, in all the buildings
3. Do your institution buildings have specially designed toilets for handicapped students? Yes, in all the buildings
5. Do you have Braille lab / special lab for blind / handicapped students? Yes
6. Do you have special facilities for blind students(such as text to audio convertor, screen magnification software, special provision for examination)? Yes
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Srno Format Name Download
1 Consultancy Project Details (Parameter 2D) Download uploaded format
2 Entrepreneurship Details (Parameter 3A) Download uploaded format
3 Executive Development Program Details (Parameter 2D) Download uploaded format
4 Placement Data (Parameter 3A) Download uploaded format
5 Higher Studies Data (Parameter 3A) Download uploaded format
6 Sponsored Research Details (Parameter 2D) Download uploaded format
7 Top University Details (Parameter 3D) Download uploaded format
8 Top University Details (Parameter 5D) Download uploaded format

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