Finance Secretary on behalf of Ministry of Finance.

CRR...Cash Reserve Ratio
SLR....Statutory Liquidity Ratio.

Monetary Policy.

Scheduled commercial as well as cooperative bank.

Banking Regulation Act 1949.

Every year two times.

Currency Chest.

DP:Depositary Participant.

Authorised Dealer(AD)
Money Changer.

NPCI:National Payment Corporation of India.

Collecting or Paying Banker.

Priority Sector Advances.

40%of TOTAL credit.

CIBIL:Credit Information Beuro of India ltd.

750 to 900.

Insurance products sold by Bank

Power of acting as an agent of RBI in absence of RBI.


Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2002.

Customer identification,Customer Acceptance,Monitoring of Transaction and Risk Management.

Ministry of Finance,Reserve Bank of India and Securities Exchange Board of India.

Financial institutions,financial markets,financial instruments and financial services.

Cooperative Banks.

State Government and RBI

A.NEFT:National Electronic Fund Transfer
B.RTGS:Real Time Gross Settlement

Rs.Two Lakh.

Minimum:Rs.2 lakh
Maximum:No limit

SWIFT:Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions.

The bank which have large number of branches in a district.

Lessor and Lessee or Bailor and Bailed.

Combination of securities to adjust our portfolio in terms of Risk,Return and Liquidity.

Three months from the date which appears on the instrument.


Promissory Note(Sec.4)
Bills Exchange (Sec.5)
Cheque (Sec.6)