Best Innovative College Award (2019-20) from CEDA
'STAR STATUS' received from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India

Library Facilities for Physically Challenged Students

  • Library is situated centrally at ground floor of college building for the convenience of physically challenged students.
  • At the stairs railing is provided. Wheel Chair is made available if required.
  • College has allotted a separate room/section in the central library for persons with disability.
  • College has initiated procedure to start a Computer Training Centre at our central library. College is signing MOU with the Technical Training Institute of The Poona Blind Mens Association (ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute), Pune in which college will provide infrastructure and TTI will be providing 10 PCs for blind students and trainers free of cost. This Centre will be commencing from June 2019 immediately after vacation. This training center will be made available for all Blind people also will provide job opportunities to them.
  • Library has received more than 1400 Audio Books (text books, reference books, competitive exam books and general reading books) 2 TB for Blind students from the Yashowani, Pune. Library has already started uploading these books in our online institutional repository/digital library and made available online under Institutional Repository link of college website.
  • Library has 3 Angel Players and 10 Pen Drives for the blind students.
  • College teachers and students have taken initiative to record the important syllabus related books in Angle Players.
  • College has placed order for 58 titles and 160 volumes of Braille Books to Blind Persons Association, Kolkata. These books will be placed in the section allotted to the blind students.
  • Library is giving access to free online books available online for the blind students


      U.G. Programmes:
    • B.A.
      • B.A.(Economics)
      • B.A.(English)
      • B.A.(Geography)
      • B.A.(History)
      • B.A.(Psychology)
      • B.A.(Sociology)
    • B.Com.
    • B.B.A.(C.A.)
    • B.Sc.
      • B.Sc. (Chemistry)
      • B.Sc. (Maths)
      • B.Sc. (Microbiology)
      • B.Sc. (Physics)
      • B.Sc. (Statistics)
      • B.Sc. (Zoology)
    • B.Sc. (Biotechnology)
    • B.Sc. (Computer Science)
    • B.C.A. (Science)
    • B.Sc. Blended in Chemistry [University of Melbourne , Australia] (International Collaboration Course)
    • B.Voc.(Food Processing Technology)

      • P.G. Programmes:
      • M.A. (Economics)
      • M.A. (History)
      • M.A. (Psychology)
      • M.A. (Sociology)
      • M.Com.
      • M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
      • M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
      • M.Sc. (Computer Science)
      • M.Sc. (Computer Applications)
      • M.Sc. (Maths)
      • M.Sc. (Microbiology)
      • M.Sc. (Statistics)
      • M.Sc. (Zoology)

        Research Programmes:
      • M. Phil. Zoology
      • Ph. D. Zoology
      • M. Phil. Chemistry
      • M. Phil. Biotechnology
      • Ph. D. Biotechnology

    Programmes NOT-Taught/Closed