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8051 Microcontroller
Using Embedded C and Robotics

The goal of this course is to impart training to interested science students with basic background in Hardware & Software, in specialized area of Embedded Systems so that they can develop expertise in developing and deploying embedded systems for various applications such as Robotics, Automation, Telecom and Multimedia. The foundation modules of the course will provide an exposure to a latest technology associated with embedded systems. Advanced modules will cover a large number of the relevant enabling technologies and applications of embedded systems.

Our Promise:

We are providing an opportunity for student to see the power of embedded system for Robotics application. At the end of the course, student will become very friendly with Robotic applications.

Course Highlight:

  • Four Modules plus Project
  • Evaluation at the end of every module
  • Seats available :20
  • Well-equipped laboratory.
  • Well-equipped library.
  • Limited Internet access
  • Exposure to soft skills.

Duration: 10 Days (15th Nov to 25th Nov 2010)

Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Batch Limit: 20 candidates only.

ELIGIBILITY: Science students (Computer/Electronics/Physic) and hobbyists having basic knowledge of electronics and 'C'-programming.

Course Material:

  1. Note Book and Experiment book.
  2. DVD with the following:
    • 8051 Tools (Complier & Assembler)
    • Example programs.
    • Data sheets.
    • EBook for 8051 Microcontroller

Course Fee: 2000/- . Deposit the mention fee to the College Office before / on 5th Nov.2010.

Contact: 9890136461 or drop an email at to get the details.

Course Outlines:

Module 1: Introduction to Embedded System
Module 2: 8051 Architecture
Module 3: Microcontroller Programming using 'C'
Module 4: Hands on experiments on I/O device interfacing.
Module 5: Projects on Robotics (1 project per 5 candidates


Line Follower Robot
Wall Follower Robot
Contactless object detection
Remote control Robot

Course Schedule:

15/11/10 Day 1st
  Lectures Introduction to Embedded systems
    8051 Architecture & Pin diagram
  Practical session Use of  8051 Kit
    Use of  Keil complier
    Simple programs
16/11/10 Lectures 2nd
    Introduction to  C
    Interrupt and timer
  Practical session use of USB based programmer
    Programs : LED Blink
18/11/10 Practical  session 3rd
    8-LED  interfacing
    7-segment interfacing
    switch interfacing
    switch and LED interfacing
    Dice( game snake and ladder)
19/11/10 Practical session 4th
    LCD interfacing
     Other interfacing
20/11/10 Practical session 5th
    DC motor interfacing
    Stepper motor interfacing
22/11/10 Practical session 6th
    Buzzer (Speaker) interfacing
    IR interfacing
    Other interfacing
23/11/10 Practical session 7th
    Assembly of robo car
24/11/10 Practical session 8th
    Programming of robo car
    Project -I
25/11/10   9th
    Programming of robo car
    Project -I


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