Best Innovative College Award (2019-20) by CEDA.
'STAR STATUS' received from The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.
Hearty Congratulations to Progressive Education Society's Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Ganeshkhind, Pune 16 for being the proud recipient of the CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ VANASHREE AWARD conferred upon by Social Forestry, Forest Department Maharashtra State for their contribution towards Student's, Women Welfare and Environment related initiatives through Plant Nursey, Tree Plantaion and Afforestation Drive.

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On going Research Projects in College ( 2009 )
Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Subject  Research Topic Amount Funding Agency
1 Dr.Inamdar S.A. Zoology Study of diversity of Zooplanktons from three lakes of Pune  City  50,000 U.G.C.
2 Mr.Desai A.V. Commerce Marketing of Alternative Energy 75,000 U.G.C.
3 Mr. Patil S.G. Geography Crop Landuse Changes and Identification of Determinants 52,500 U.G.C.
4 Mr.Gaikwad H.K. Chemistry Green Oxidation synthesis of naturally occurring flavonoids 50,000 U.G.C.
      Total  227,500  

Sr.No. Name of the Teacher Subject  Research to Published  Amount Funding Agency
1 Dr.(Mrs) Kulkarni N.J. Microbiology Production of Ethanol and Polyalcohois by Yeasts, using cellusosic and non-cellulosic agricultural and forest waste. 200000 B.C.U.D.
2 Mrs. Ogale S.S. Microbiology Isolation and Characterization of Pathogens causing Urinary Tract Infections 200000 B.C.U.D.
3 Mrs.Kulkarni Durga Microbiology Testing of Anti Bacterial activity of ficus Benghalensis with Emphasis on its Latex  200000 B.C.U.D.
4 Mr. Bodke M.R. Electronics The Development of Binary Multiplier based on Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics Sutras and its implementation using Verilog HDL 100000 B.C.U.D.
5 Dr..Gupta R.M. Biotech Biodegradation of Azo dyes by Micro Organisms  250000 B.C.U.D.
6 Dr. Natu S.A. Psychology Exploring Mental Health Service , Curricul and Resource from a Gender Prespective 100000 B.C.U.D.
7 Mrs.Bhatambrekar S.S. Computer  The evolution of Cyber threats and need for inereased security  150000 B.C.U.D.
8 Mr. Desai A.V. Commerce Marketing of Alternative Energy : Application of 4 P's for effectiveness 50000 B.C.U.D.
9 Mrs.Patil Bharati V. Zoology Study of physico chemical parameter on ecosystem and changing geomorphologic strategy of three water bodies from Pune City  300000 B.C.U.D.
10 Mr. Bele Rajendra H.  Computer  Optimization of data Storage through Virtualization  150000 B.C.U.D.
11 Mr.Gaikwad H.K. Chemistry Green Oxidation synthesis of naturally occurring flavonoids 150000 B.C.U.D.
12 MS. Waghmare S.R. Chemistry Synthesis of Naturally occuring Biologycally active aryl and benzyl cinnamates  75000 B.C.U.D.
13 Dr.(Mrs) Kulkarni M.S. Chemistry Synthesis and evaluation of bacterial peptide deformylase inhibitors as broad spectrum antibacterials 100000 B.C.U.D.
16 Dr.Inamdar S.A. Zoology Study of diversity of Zooplanktons of Pune City  261000 B.C.U.D.
      Total  22,86,000.00  


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